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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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miles per hour in san jose. the top three storm concerns we're looking at, tuesday morning the first round of wet weather, a slick commute. by wednesday morning another round of wet weather. we might have isolated flooding to deal wilt. then a larger hazard with gusty winds, maybe power outages and downed trees. now let's go to marianne favro in the santa cruise mountains, expected to be hard hit during this storm system. >> reporter: have you inspected your trees? with a big storm coming in it's a good idea. certified arborist brian mcgovern says there are some telltale signs indicating your tree may be at risk of falling when hit by high winds and rain. >> mushrooms on the tree or near t base of the tree are a sign of organic rotting. when the rotting is tree, it's a
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bad sign. >> reporter: trees like this with two trunks are at risk of breaking during a storm. your roof is also vulnerable. in los gatos, trues worked to repair this roof. as soon as they finish this job they've got dozens more waiting. >> good morning, los gatos roofing, this is tina. what kind of roof do you have? >> reporter: in the past few days los gatos roofing has received 50 roof repair calls and that's before the storm hits. >> we're expecting that volume to continue. my guess is that after this next set of storms, we'll have 200 customers looking for roofing services. >> that was marianne favro reporting. down to southern california. the usually scenic pacific coast highway, anything but today. a muddy mess as this busy road is shut down now. rain triggered a mudslide in malibu yesterday. the mud trapped at least a dozen
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cars over a nine-mile stretch of the highway. in someplaces the mud is two to three feet deep. crews spent the day cleaning up but it could be another day weave the highway reopens. stay with us for continuing coverage of this latest round of wet weather. on, you can track the storm as it hits your neighborhood. just click on the interactive radar tab in the upper left-hand corner. it's one of the country's largest homeless encampments. now it might be shut down. 72 hours to leave the jungle. this is in san jose near happy hollow park. today sjpd and city workers posted yellow players on trees and tents. the message, very clear -- 72 hours to pack up and leave or be charged with trespassing. might not be easy. a lot of people who live in the jungle, especially the mentally ill and convicted felons, say they have no other place to go. >> been working very, very hard with our partner nonprofit
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agencies to get people into housing and provide them with a long-term solution that's better than this unsafe and unsanitary condition. >> south bay shelters will soon be open for the cold weather. just under an hour ago the san francisco police chief offered new details of the ferguson protests that ended in violence and vandalism in union square last week. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is live in san francisco with more. some troubling statistics from the chief today. >> reporter: the chief told us that they made 79 arrests on friday night and 70% of those people do not live in san francisco. 15% do not even live in the state of california. five police officers were injured seriously enough to need medical assistance, including one who was cut in the face with a glass bottle thrown through his police car. today workers in union square say they are still on edge and cleaning up the damage done as protesters targeted the shopping
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district late on black friday. at grace jewelry, employees say they had to bring the security gates down to protect their customers and to keep protesters from coming into the store after their windows were smashed. >> what went on friday night is not first amendment activity. it's criminal conduct by a fringe element that seems to embed themselves in lawful first amendment activity and then acts out past that. and we will not have that here in san francisco. >> reporter: chief suhr says he understands people are upset about the ferguson grand sxwrir decision and will facilitate peaceful demonstrations. they're in the process of gathering surveillance video and more arrests could come. at section:00 we'll hear from a local politician who involved himself in today's nationwide protest to demand justice for michael brown, the teenager killed in ferguson, missouri.
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why the gesture used in protest today has some crying foul. thousands of people across the country taking part in the hands up walkout today. this supervisor tweeted this photo after walking out in city hall in solidarity over those angry with the grand jury demonstration. the coordinated demonstration began at 10:00 a.m. pacific time. five rams players caused a stir by stepping onto the field with their hands raised. this was right before the rams/raiders game. the st. louis police officers union blasted the players, while others thought it was a powerful protest. the big protest was in washington, d.c. also where president obama called for the use of body cameras by police officers. nbc bay area steve handelsman joins from us capitol hill with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening to you. here's irony. as president obama asked congress to pay for body cameras
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to be worn by cops a lot of the staffers on capitol hill who would look into that kind of request had trouble getting to work because of ferguson. the protests in washington blocked morning computers from virginia. >> michael brown! >> reporter: police allowed the blockade. and some motorists were sympathetic. >> i'm angry about what happened and i do think a dialogue needs to occur. >> this temporary inconvenience will do a larger good for youth of color. >> reporter: at the white house, the president met with police and community leaders acknowledging that past efforts to unite african-american citizens and police have failed. but he vowed, they won't fail now. >> this time will be different. and part of the reason this time will be different is because the president of the united states is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different. >> reporter: mr. obama has named philadelphia police commissioner
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charles ramsey to head a national task force to build public trust in police. and mr. obama wants many more police wearing body cameras. the nfl today did not discipline five st. louis rams who yesterday protested the killing of michael brown with hands up we respect the concerns of all individuals on this tragic situation, said the league that had people protesting again today. this was new york. and downtown washington. nearly four months after ferguson became a symbol. now it's up to congress to decide whether to fund those body cameras, not really expe e expensive. three years, $250 million. experts say those kind of little lapel-mounted cameras can keep police safer, communities safer, and improve police/community relations. because frankly they make it clearer what happened when police pull their weapons. >> some department in the bay
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area already wearing body cameras. tonight at 5:30 on "nightly news," a closer look at military equipment the police across the country are using in the mird of these protests and the criticism surrounding it. brian williams joins us in about 20 minutes. now to a developing story. the fbi issuing a grave warning to our military. the agency is asking current and former members to not post anything on social media that could attract the attention of the terror group known as isis. the fbi says the group is trying to recruit people who carry out u.s. attacks against law enforcement and military members. new at 5:00, police are looking for this man and woman suspected of breaking into a home in sunnyvale last friday. the pair was caught on surveillance video. fernando angeles and charissa bareto. the two already had active arrest warrants. the san jose city council might be cracking down on bicyclist. the council is getting ready to vote on a measure that would ban bike riding on the sidewalk in
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downtown san jose. the council wants sidewalks to be kept clear for pedestrians. >> the problem is not enough room on there for pibikes to ri fast, not enough room for passing. we have a lot of people walking, a lot of people biking, sometimes they don't mix very well together. >> some bikers argue the sidewalk offers a little more added protection from the cars and trucks on the street. the council will vote tomorrow. i asked him, why did you just leave me there like that? >> did you see that part? >> janay rice breaks her silence. why she says her husband hit her and why she believes the nfl and the fans should give him another chance. and a disturbing discovery where someone found these seven newborn puppies left for dead. . >> i'm scott budman. it's the online shopping season and the deals are big. but do we even need a cyber monday anymore? at 6:00, escaping the jaws
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of a pitbull. >> all i could think of was, don't let him kill my dog. >> a woman says her dog was attacked for the second time this year. >> life or death struggle. >> it's what failed to happen afterwards that had her living in year for daze. a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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i was so angry. hurt. to have everything ripped out from under. >> that's the wife of football player ray rice, who spoke publicly and exclusively with nbc today. this is janay rice. she talked about the well publicized fight captured on that security camera in the elevator of that hotel. she addressed her husband's reinstatement by the nfl. and of course domestic violence. robert handa joins us from our news room. today's interview triggered a
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lot of response. it's still such an emotional and raw story. >> that's right. and in fact, a lot of local groups have been following and analyzing the situation. and they say the outcome will be felt on numerous issues. janay rice and her mother candy palmer went on the "today" show this morning in an interview with host matt lauer. janay rice says she has never watched the second video released of her husband ray rice, then a in the event baltimore ravens, punching her and she says she never will. >> no, i refuse. i refuse. i'm not going to let the public bring me back there. >> reporter: janay did say she excused ray for his behavior and that he deserved a second chance with her and the nfl. when lawer asked her if there had been any violent incidents before or since, she was emphatic. >> no. no. there's no way. he knows what he would have to deal with. you know, if this was something -- i'm not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me. you know, god forbid in front of
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my child. and just let it happen? there's no way. >> reporter: kathleen clinic of next door solutions to domestic violence says she respects an individual's choice to stay or leave a volatile relationship but points out janay and other victims are in a tough spot. >> it could be coercion, it could be a lot of different things. but i think what we should be doing, and there's been a change, is talking about him and his accountability. >> reporter: the opinion that the focus should be on ray rice's actions rather than janay's reactions was an opinion expressed by a lot of other groups. coming up at 6:00 we hear from them on what unresolved issues remain as the rice situation plays out. tomorrow it's his side of the story. ray rice in an exclusive interview on the "today" show. you can watch it here on nbc bay here at 7:00 a.m. bill cosby resigned from
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temple university trustees. the chee comedian has held the position since 1982. cosby helped raise millions for the university but the school board was pressured to break off ties with the entertainer after an online petition sign the by 1,000 alumni. multiple women have come out accusing cosby of sexual assault but he has never been charged with crime. cosby said in part, i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interests of the university and its students. as a result, i have tendered my resignation from temple university board of trustees. a lot of people around northern california are opening wallets to save a litter of dumpster puppies, 2 days old when they were found a couple of weeks ago. tonight they're in foster homes in north lake tahoe. because seven hungry pups are costly, they have their own fund-raising web page. the goal is $7,000. so far the north lake tahoe pet network has raised about $1,400. humane workers say if you don't want a litter of puppies, please
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donate them with their mother who can care for them for free. if you went shopping on your computer today you were not alone. it is cyber monday. this tradition may be ending. >> our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us at paypal headquarters in san jose. the numbers are in. don't we shop every day online now? >> pretty much. those numbers are in and they're very big. online shopping via computers and mobile devices way up this year. but as you said, the shopping season started much earlier than cyber monday. the things we want are pretty much the same. >> couple of clothing items. accessories for cars. >> reporter: the way we're getting them has been changing. >> it's not about black friday or cyber monday. >> reporter: now with physical retail stores seeing lower sales and online stores seeing higher sales, we're shopping more than ever with our computers and mobile devices. >> i do do a lot of shopping
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online. it's more convenient that way. it's good to avoid the crowds. i do mostly more electronics and stuff like that. >> reporter: so much that amazon put robots to work in its tracy facility, helping to speed up the way it finds and ships what you're looking for. another trend? where shopping for deals way beyond cyber monday -- >> the major trend is consumers want to shop when and where they want. so the whole notion of being able to shop from a tablet, a mobile device, is something that people are just naturally doing now. >> reporter: maybe the whole cyber monday tradition is being short circuited. the cyber shopping season is also rampant with scammers. local security companies say your best bet is to shop on sites you know and trust, sites like ebay and amazon and apple. that way your personal data is more likely to be kept safe.
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>> so much pressure to shop. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you'd be happy, i cleaned out my gutters today. >> awesome. i did a little gutter repair the past couple of days. important to get that water pushing away from your house and keep it dry. doppler radar right now, we have a few spotty showers mainly throughout alameda and contra costa county. a little bit there off the coastline as well. but we've got the next wave of activity still a couple hundred miles offshore. you can clearly see the storm center right now. it's a center of low circulation. once that moves on top of california, we're going to see that rainfall increase and then you can also see this impressive stream of subtropical moisture that's going to help boost rainfall totals as well. more coming up in just a second. but i do also want to take you to a travel alert. if you're doing any traveling across i-80, highway 50, over towards the nevada side, expect snowfall at the highest levels near 7,000 feet. possibly 1 to 2 feet as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday,
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thursday. wintry conditions on tap. we'll take you outside to the sky camera network. cloudy conditions and temperatures reading just about the same in every location. it happens when you get storm system after storm system moving in. 61 in the north bay. 61 in san francisco. also 61 in the south bay. the most dangerous area once again right now remains across the tri-valley and that's where we have spotty areas of showers right now. i do want to advance to weather story and get into our storm system. what we're tracking is this area of low pressure. it's a core of the storm system. as we mentioned, all the way last week that's where we're going to see this impressive bump in the rainfall. it's the center of the storm is going to move right on top of california. but the other thing we have been talking about once again is subtropical moisture. there's a copious amount of moisture down here in the southern region of the atmosphere. we're going to see a little band of this move up into southern and central california and we think when that happens, again weeks going to see a rise in
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rainfall totals here across the bay area. let's go ahead and look at future cast. we've got a lot of times here to stop on. you can see at 8:00 not a whole lot happening. 11:30 we'll begin to see showers develop offshore down toward the south bay. by overnight hours around 4:00 in the morning that's when widespread rainfall will develop from the north bay to the south bay. it's going to continue into the morning commute. if you're doing anything early tomorrow morning, getting kids ready for school, yourself for work, you need the jacket, umbrella, and extra time in the commute. afternoon hours, we'll have steady areas of rainfall on and off at times with scattered areas of thunderstorms. then get ready, another round of rainfall is going to be arriving as we head throughout wednesday morning and that's where we could get in on a little bit of isolated flooding here for the bay area. then by wednesday afternoon we'll continue under this period here of some scattered rainfall. we'll go ahead and sum it up for you. we know it's a lot of weather. we haven't seen anything like this in a while.
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the next 48 hours, periods of rain, gurlsy winds, a chance of thunderstorms. rainfall totals for lower elevations 1 to 2 inches. and the biggest hazards we continue to think we're going to see are downed trees and also minor flooding as winds could top 30 miles per hour. so we'll take you to the microclimate forecast. everyone expecting the chance here of rainfall. widespread 60s from san jose with 63 to san francisco also expecting low 60s as well. we'll dealt you to the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. not only wet but windy here as well. coldest temperatures in the north bay, not expected to get out of the 50s tomorrow. pleasanton 63. so here's how the trend looks. wet weather on tuesday. also on wednesday. by thursday and friday we'll hang on to a few scattered showers. then eventually the next dry day in the forecast, not going to get here until saturday. it's what we've been asking for. we've got hazards to deal with and we'll be here tracking for you. still ahead at 5:00, three years after his death, steve
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jobs is set to testify at an upcoming trial for apple. we'll explain. prince harry tells all. the secret he revealed to the world in this video posted to twitter.
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it took multiple fire agencies to battle a campbell house fire that injured a fire captain. fire crews say the blaze broke out in a garage on villa rita drive near big lots around 8:00 a.m., then spread to the attic. a fire captain was hurt from falling debris. crews say the captain will recover. no one else was hurt in the fire which is still under investigation tonight. apple is heading to court tomorrow to defend itself in a lawsuit and a key witness in the case is none other than its
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legendary cofounder the late steve jobs. jobs will be heard in a videotaped deposition. at issue is a billion-dollar class action lawsuit over apple's ipod music players. plaintiffs contend music lovers were essentially locked into using ipods because they couldn't easily switch music collections to other portable devices. the case has been going back and forthary nearly a decade. world aids day at the memorial grove in golden gate park. congresswoman nancy pelosi along with judith light spoke at the event. other guests were honored for their leadership and activism to find a cure. attendees were able to share stories to pay tribute to lost friends and loved ones. it's estimated that 35 million people have died from the virus. as part of the #feelnoshame campaign, prince harry observed world aids day by revealing a long-held secret. >> on today, world aids day, my secret is, believe it or not, i
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get incredibly nervous before public speaking to a crowd or audience. >> the twitter campaign is in support of the prince's charity. the campaign is an effort to help reduce the stigma associated with hiv. all day celebrities have been revealing their secrets via video. next, gas prices continue to fall. would you believe $2 a gallon? we'll tell you where next.
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coming up, thin mints online. this could get dangerous. your local girl scouts going high-tech. yes, those famous cookies delivered straight to your home. but there are a few rules here. we'll explain at 6:00. gas prices have been falling for months. soon one state could see prices dip below $2 a gallon. experts say missouri could see gas at or below $2 a gallon over the holidays. it hasn't been that low in five years. right now it's $2.61. meanwhile the average, national average, is at $2.77 according to aaa. here in the bay area, average prices are higher. san francisco $3.21 for a gallon of regular unleaded. san jose $3.04. oakland, $3.06. >> we should just drive to missouri to get our gas. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00, "nightly news" with brian williams is next. see you at section:00.
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on our broadcast this monday night, making a statement. from the players on the field to the protesters in the streets, the fallout from ferguson continues. now it involves a slew of military equipment local police are using. tonight, our nbc news exclusive, ray rice and his wife, the couple at the center of the storm over domestic violence in the nfl, speaking out for the first time. hollywood hacked. a big studio gets hit. blockbusters have been leaked online, most of them before they hit theaters. tonight, the unusual suspect they're looking at. and out the door and around the parking lot, the tsa line that stretched for a mile and the holiday travel season is just getting started. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams.


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